Vision and Mission

The Newcastle Falcons (England) Rugby Academy aims to be regarded as the most productive and efficient Academy in the UK, with a constant stream of well-developed athletes augmenting the Newcastle Falcons senior squad and the various England teams on an annual basis. The academy will be viewed as a world-class centre of excellence for rugby development and the majority of the first team squad will be academy graduates.

The Newcastle Falcons (England) Rugby Academy exists to continually identify, develop, recruit and retain professional rugby players for Newcastle Falcons and England teams. There are five main strands to the work delivered:

  • Identifying the most talented young athletes.
  • Developing them into professional rugby players.
  • Providing appropriate progression and exit routes for all.
  • Upholding strong working relationships with all stakeholders.
  • Promoting professionalism to develop rugby in the three Northern Counties.

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