Advice For Young Rugby Players From Storm Fitness

Thursday 8 November 2012

Storm Fitness's Spencer Davey and Lome Fat'atau give their advice to aspiring professional rugby players.

The performance department at Storm Fitness is made up of two ex-professional Rugby players, Spencer Davey and Lome Fa’atau. The pair played the game at top level for over ten years and are now accomplished strength coaches in Newcastle upon Tyne.

We wanted to know what they have learned along their journey and what the professionals of the next generation should be doing to make it at the top level.

Over the coming week Spencer and Lome will be sharing their tips for aspiring rugby players as they train towards their goal. Today they share their first tip; set your goal:

"There seems to be an element of shyness surrounding the goal setting process with young athletes where the athlete and or the parents are not willing to state exactly what it is they want to achieve. For an athlete to be an aspiring professional there needs to be an aspiration, a vision for what it is they want.

"It is no secret that it takes a lot of hard work to make it in professional sport these days and to put that hard work in the athlete needs to remain focussed on the goal. Sometimes this can mean making a few sacrifices but if the goal or aspiration has been clearly defined this is unlikely to seem so much of a problem."

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