Autumn Test Ballot Announced

Friday 2 November 2012

The Season Ticket draw for the QBE internationals at Twickenham this November has been drawn with the following Season Ticket Holders now having the right to purchase up to two tickets for their selected match:-


  • Mr. G Pilkington
  • Mrs. A Roue
  • Mr. N Wilson
  • Ms. J Gilthorpe
  • Mr. K Brown
  • Mr. B Waldram
  • Mr. J Preston
  • Mr. M Leach
  • Mr. L.B. Graham
  • Mr. R Henderson
  • Mr G. Jobe
  • Mr. A Conn
  • Mr. R Bush
  • Mr. Ridchie
  • Mr. N Reay
  • Mr. McNeil
  • Mr. A Palmer

New Zealand

  • Mr. J Oldham
  • Mr. R Boyes
  • Mrs A. Cree
  • Miss C. Powell
  • Mr. I Blythe
  • Mr. T Longstaff
  • Mr. A Piper
  • Mr. R Carling
  • Mr. C Evans
  • Mr. P Furness
  • Mr. D Monk
  • Miss K. Flint
  • Dr. V McGuire
  • Miss L Heckels
  • Mr. V Foster
  • Mr. G Friston
  • Mr. M Shields
  • Mr. A Brown

South Africa

  • Mr. K Davison
  • Mr. B Jewell
  • Mr. P Hughes Narborough
  • Mr. D Gilthorpe
  • Mr. A Barker
  • Mr. Preston
  • Mr. B George
  • Mrs. K Brown
  • Mrs. M Coates
  • Mr. A Bolam
  • Mr. D Birch
  • Mr. G Scrafton
  • Rev. G Lister
  • Mr. R Smith
  • Mrs M Phillips
  • Mr. J Worters
  • Mr. N Pitt
  • Mr. J Andrews
  • Mr. P Wardlaw
  • Mr. M Couling
  • Mr. P Beadsworth

The Ticket Office will call the winners over the next couple of days to process payment.

Access to the international ballot is one of the many benefits of being a Falcons Season Ticket Holder. Half Season Tickets are also now available starting from £105 for adults and is valid from the London Scottish match on 23 December.

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