Kingston Park Stadium's 1877 Bar

Enhanced safety for conference and events bookings

Wednesday 8 July 2020

Following the latest government guidelines, here at Kingston Park Stadium we are preparing to once again open our doors for conference and events bookings.

We will welcome our staff and guests back once we deem it safe to do so, and will announce those details on the club website when a firm date has been established.

With the safety of our customers and staff being paramount, we will not willingly place any person at risk.

The entire premises at Kingston Park Stadium have been thoroughly deep cleaned and disinfected prior to consideration of re-opening our doors.

Furthermore, we will be introducing some new procedures to how we operate to minimise the possibility of spreading the virus.

Following the government's Track & Trace System, we will now require each person attending the stadium to sign in. By doing this, it will enable us to contact those that may be at risk of contracting Covid-19, should the NHS contact us regarding a confirmed case.

We would like to reiterate that this is for the safety of all our staff and visitors. All information provided will remain confidential and will be used only for the purpose of Coronavirus prevention.

Additional systems we will be introducing include building divisions, with dedicated entry and exit points for each section/room of the stadium. This will allow for a safe, one-way flow-through operation to minimise contact with others.

With a selection of room sizes available, we will aim to provide a larger space for functions to maximise space and adhere to current social distancing measures.

Housing a numerous amount of smaller meeting spaces, our available screens and projectors are an innovative way to connect with others to minimise numbers in one area.

We are looking to host catering in a range of ways to accommodate our clients. These will include a staggered, continuous run to prevent queuing.

We will also introduce our packed lunch offering which can be modified to your choice, along with table service options.

Our bars will be run on a table service basis to help minimise queuing, and to maintain current social distancing guidelines. In addition, we would like to encourage pre-ordering prior to your arrival, to ensure we can most effectively minimise the risk of cross-contamination.

Our ability to provide safe hosting of your event is enhanced here at Kingston Park Stadium due to our vast area of space compared to most venues, which allows for all social distancing measures to be enforced with ease.

We are continuously striving to modify ways in which we can minimise implications to your event during your time here with us at Newcastle Falcons, with our guests and staff being our main priority in every aspect.

As always, we endeavour to provide an exclusive experience here at Kingston Park, and our new procedures will promote safety for all.

Prior to announcing our re-opening date we will be holding a trial run which will include all new procedures being implemented to ensure your protection during your visit. This will allow for any modifications to be put in place by the time we welcome our first guests.

It is with the support and dedication from our Falcons events team and customers that we will make our comeback stronger than our setback.

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