VIDEO: Barbecue challenge - Argentine Asador

Thursday 7 September 2017

Argentine Asador served up by Socino brothers and Belisario Agulla.

Following Nili Latu’s team serving up a delicious Umu to their club-mates, The club’s Argentine contingent of Belisario Agulla, Juan Pablo Socino and Santiago Socino stoked the flames with a traditional Asador as they attempted to outdo the Polynesian effort.

Cooking for over 100 people the Socino brothers spent all of a sunny Saturday afternoon carefully managing the fires and cooking up a flavour of South America, stepping things up from the usual British fare of burnt burgers and undercooked sausages.

As with the Umu, Falcons TV was on hand to oversee the process from start to finish.

To see how things went – click here to head to Falcons TV.

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